Why You Need a Health Consultant

November 28, 2017, Author: Boomer Anderson

Do you need a health consultant?

Yes, I’m biased. I ask you to read anyway.

Why? If you want to reach new levels of health and human potential, our health consulting services are for you.

A few questions to ask yourself:

  • How much is eliminating brain fog worth to you?
  • Would a nutrition plan tailored to your genetics be beneficial?
  • When you are under pressure, would you like to have the tools to deal with the stress?

This is what Decoding Superhuman can offer.

Why do you need a health consultant?

You are unique.

Decoding Superhuman custom-tailors health plans to what makes you, you. Your genetics.

Our clients recognize the value in this and the ability to alter the expression of their genetics through epigenetics.

Health Consultant for Individualized Health
Your genetics make you, you.

I wish I had one earlier. In my 20s, I thought I was healthy. I focused on diet and exercise.

There is more to health than diet and exercise.

I fell flat on my face with sleep and stress. Only after being diagnosed with heart disease at 30 did I value in training in sleep, stress, environment, and other components of health (for more on this, click here).

Each of us has our own challenges. It may be sleep, environment, exercise, nutrition, etc. Decoding Superhuman works with you to create custom health programs. This optimizes you for higher performance and human potential (based on your definition of human potential).

You don’t have time.

You are busy bouncing from the boardroom, to the trading floor, to client dinners. You have little time to read, let alone implement strategies to optimize performance.

In an ideal world, all of us are able to absorb information like Bradley Cooper in Limitless. Sad to say, NZT is not available.

At Decoding Superhuman, our days are spent learning, absorbing, testing and implementing the latest in health and human performance research so you do not have to.

The company’s sole focus is getting you to superior levels of physical and mental performance.

I work with your schedule and incorporate your environment into our health coaching recommendations. All aspects of our process are customized and designed to maximize your chances of success.

After all, wouldn’t you rather use the time to plan your next vacation, corporate takeover, or spend time with your family?

Health Consultant for Rock Climbing
Spend time planning your next adventure. Leave your health to us.

You wish to reach the next level of physical and mental performance.

Next level thinking is our modus operandi.

Is there something holding you back? Do you want to learn more, have more focus, increased energy, and lose weight?

Our process ensures you improve your stress resilience, focus, and physical performance.

You want the whole picture.

You look at the bigger picture and understand everything is interrelated.

Does anyone look at the whole health system? Decoding Superhuman does.

While diet and exercise constitute what is traditionally thought of as health, there is so much more. In “Systems View of Health”, I delve into this in more detail.

Our process starts with the evaluation. I identify areas in which you are getting sub-optimal outcomes. These areas need focus. Together, we work to identify the root cause of the situation. This requires a 360-degree analysis of your health across physical, mental, emotional, and environmental domains.

You want better habits.

Habits shape the man.

Through micro-habits, you gradually build in behavioral change over time. If I provided you 25 habits in a consultation, would you be able to follow all of them immediately?

Unless you are a freak, the answer is certainly no.

This is one of the issues with nutrition books and direct-to-consumer methods of genomic interpretation. You are given a lot of information at once, but provided almost zero methods of implementation.

One of my favorite analogies is flossing.

Is it difficult to get everyone to start flossing? Yes. What if I broke it down? What if I asked you to floss one tooth every day? Would you be able to do this? Of course, you would. Pretty soon, one becomes two, two becomes three and… you will just floss your entire mouth.

You tried to do it yourself.

I used to think I could do everything too. Health, business, personal finances, relationships, friends, family. Become an expert in health, finance, physics, stochastic calculus and anything else I set my mind to.

In principle, this is great. You are expanding your mind and growing on multiple fronts. A better way of thinking is: “how do I outsource my worries?”

For health, let Decoding Superhuman be your expert.

What type of person does not benefit from health consulting?

You want the magic pill.

There is no magic pill. Anything worth it requires work.

I do ask for your focus, discipline, and effort. Our process provides the tools and strategies to get you ready for an elevated level. In exchange, I ask you do the work. The process works for those which do the work. This is why each individual is screened before accepted as a client at Decoding Superhuman.

Our success is mutual and depends on your enthusiasm.

You are okay with mass-market health plans.

At 13, I prescribed myself the Atkins diet and demonized carbohydrates.

For years, I bought books on any low carbohydrate diet. I bounced around from diet-to-diet with moderate success.

Blindly following someone else’s view is not a way to optimize health.

Only after delving into the science and my genetics and individualizing my health did I find some foods were causing issues and leaving potential performance on the table.

You have a fixed mindset.

You are willing to try new things in the name of improved performance. This does not mean I’ll recommend drinking raw eggs for breakfast and punching cows at the local meat locker (sorry, Rocky).

There may be habits you need to build which make you uncomfortable. I may ask you to break away from what you knew in the past to be true.

I ask for you to open your mind and try it.

Health Consultant for Open Minded People
Radical Growth Requires Radical Open-mindedness

Radical growth starts with micro changes.

Are you ready?

Do you wish to join us in the individualized health revolution?

If so, sign-up for a free 30-minute consultation. In this, we will mutually decide whether our health consulting services are for you and potentially begin a path to elite physical and mental performance.

Free PDF! 6 Steps to Unbound Focus through BDNF

Can I just say, "I love you." The PDF and your path to superhuman focus is on the way.

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