Dieting Versus Lifestyle Change

October 20, 2017, Author: Boomer Anderson

Dieting does not work.

How many times did you try and fail?

Over the past quarter-century, many diets gained popularity. Many diets later failed or faded into oblivion. When was the last time you heard someone was on the Cranberry Diet?

What works is simple? The saying, “It’s not you. It’s me” is not just for breakups anymore. Diets are dead. It is time you made a lifestyle change.

Why Diets Don’t Work

Diets crash and burn. This often leaves participants worse off than they began. The problem with diets is the following:

  • Your objectives – I want to lose x (insert your weight here) pounds. If you succeed in this, the reward is to go off the diet. You go back on your old nutrition regimen. You go back to your old size.


  • The rules – eating a low-calorie diet is difficult. Through forced deprivation, you build up hatred to what you are doing. The cookie enters and consumes the mind. Discipline fails. You break. Pretty soon, you are back to your old size.


  • It does not address the problem – going back to the “it’s not you, it’s me” adage. The reason why you are in this position is your lifestyle. Does drinking to excess lead you to consume 3 McSpicys before bed? Do you value high performance? Do you wish to take it to the next level?

What is a Lifestyle Change?

Something caused you to come to this state. It may be sugar. It may be overeating. It may be a sedentary life at a desk all day. It may be your friends. It may be mold. With the exception mold, these are lifestyle choices.

A lifestyle change looks at the problem which led you to this point and changes it. It is the systems approach to health in action. When you were younger, your mother prohibited you from hanging with certain friends. These friends would influence you in evil ways. You should take the same approach with your own life as an adult.

It is the stress. It is too much sugar. It is streaming episodes of New Girl.

Change your lifestyle, change your health.
Change your lifestyle, change your health.


Using Pareto’s Principle to Make a Lifestyle Change

Pareto’s Principle states that 80% of an effect is likely to come from 20% of the causes. If you flip it to your life, 80% of the reason you are unhappy is due to 20% of the things you are doing. It could be your friends. It could be your job. It could be your significant other. Whatever it is that causes you to the issue, it is time to change.

Do you struggle in dealing with stress? Eliminating stress is not practical for a high performer. Learn stress resiliency and reach new levels of high performance. Take up meditation. Journal every morning on what makes you stressed.

Do you sit at a desk? Look for more ways to be active. The Pomodoro Technique is effective for this. Work for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. In that 5 minute break, do 10 burpees. Over the course of an entire day, the burpees add up!

Simple Rules to Start Lifestyle Change

Most diets do not work. An author will claim it works. It may for a period of time. But how do you know what foods are optimal for you long term? The answer is in your genetics.

Rather than spending USD 20 on the diet book, start by buying real food. “Real foods” are vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts, seeds, and fish. Are you one of the 35% of the population that can process dairy? Add it to the list! Your new “diet” starts by only eating real foods. If it comes with preservatives or chemicals, avoid it.

Real food is the answer.
Start your lifestyle change by eating real food.

Drink water, coffee, and tea. A kombucha or kava is also an option. The aim is to reduce sugar. If you had any doubts on what Coca-Cola does to you, watch this.

Look for ways to move more. Does this mean opt for a third-floor walk-up in Amsterdam? Can your mode of transportation move from a car to a bicycle? During your lunch break, could you exercise? Go to a cafe further away for your coffee break. Move. Aim to sweat once a day.

Take the Long View of Lifestyle Change

If you decide to go down the path of weight loss or health improvement, opt for a lifestyle change. Be more active. Eat real foods. Sweating once a day and eating real food is a powerful combination. Aim to learn more about yourself and your body. Test what causes you health problems and be ruthless in addressing these. The above prescription will have you taking on Michael Phelps in the 100-meter butterfly anytime soon. But, it will put you on a path to a better, longer life.

After starting with these simple steps, look into your genetics. Genetics serves as the blueprint for your health future.

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