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How to Protect Yourself from EMF with Robby Besner

February 19, 2018, Author: Boomer Anderson

Philip Morris when they were developing the tobacco industry 40 something years ago they knew that nicotine was very harmful for health. They also knew that it would take 20 plus years or more for the world to catch up to them. And actually you know take a stand. Even so people are still very […]

Environment, Podcast, Sleep

Protecting Your Eyes from Technology with Iris Creator Daniel Georgiev

February 12, 2018, Author: Boomer Anderson

The flicker rate is really high that you can’t perceive it but your eyes start to synchronize with this. It’s like pumping in fitness, pumping your muscle. Every second this happens, hundreds of times per second. So we need this flicker rate to be the maximum amount to not feel eye pain. Daniel Georgiev is […]

Brain, Environment, Podcast

Wired for Weed: Cannabis Genetics with David Krantz

February 5, 2018, Author: Boomer Anderson

What’s important to recognize is that the kind of blanket statement of either pot is good for you or it’s bad for you is really oversimplified and I hope we can break some of that down and really talk about the intricacy of that today. Disclosure: The purpose of this podcast is to dispel dogma, […]

Movement, Nutrition, Podcast, Supplements

Exercise and Supplementation for High Performance with Wolfgang Unsöld

January 29, 2018, Author: Boomer Anderson

One thing I always tell clients in the first assessment, no matter what specific goals you have, being faster, jumping higher, or rehabbing from an injury. There’s always two non-specific goals that follow. Number one, more energy and number two, better sleep. Independent of what your actual goal is, the more energy you have and […]

Podcast, Stress

Eliminating Jet Lag with Christopher Babayode

January 19, 2018, Author: Boomer Anderson

You’re back on that plane again the following week and the next and the next and the next. So you go from something that is acute immediately to something that’s stressful over a long period of time and it’s sort of like a constant issue that you deal with throughout your flying career. This is […]

Brain, Podcast

Biohacking Focus with Peter Joosten

January 12, 2018, Author: Boomer Anderson

I block time in the morning from 8 till 1 o’clock in which I’m really doing deep work. No social media, no email. I sometimes feel I really have to be aware of my emails everyday, all the time, but he makes a compelling case of it’s not that necessary. Clients are not getting mad […]

Epigenetics, Podcast

What is Epigenetics with Daan Gutter

January 10, 2018, Author: Boomer Anderson

The whole thing, like, genes and genetics is like the cookbook you have — all the recipes are in your DNA but the way it gets expressed is determined by the circumstances you live in, like what you eat, how you sleep, how much you exercise, and even the things you think about have impact […]

Nutrition, Podcast

Listen to Your Gut with Richard Lin

January 8, 2018, Author: Boomer Anderson

If you look at microbiome and the human microbiome project when it was launched in 2008, it’s been growing about 35% year over year. Even though we’re kind of early on in the microbiome research and science, the pace of how fast it’s growing is pretty staggering.   My guest is Richard Lin, CEO of […]

Epigenetics, Podcast, Sleep

Investing in Sleep with Dr. Benjamin Smarr

January 6, 2018, Author: Boomer Anderson

Your body is a network, when that network is disturbed it might not be able to tell exactly which node in the network is gonna go first. But I can definitely tell you that you’re at risk of breaking your network much more than somebody who is letting it line up nicely.   Right before […]


Why You Need a Health Consultant

November 28, 2017, Author: Boomer Anderson

Do you need a health consultant? Yes, I’m biased. I ask you to read anyway. Why? If you want to reach new levels of health and human potential, our health consulting services are for you. A few questions to ask yourself: How much is eliminating brain fog worth to you? Would a nutrition plan tailored […]

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